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Facilitate the development of small and medium enterprises

Monday, 28/05/2018

After 5 years implementing the Resolution 04 of the provincial Party Committee on developing small and medium enterprises, many activities to support and develop enterprises have been implemented effectively by provinces, all levels and sectors, contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the province.

According to the report of the provincial People's Committee, till the end of 2017, the province had 8,588 registered private enterprises, with a total capital of more than 74 trillion dong, including about 8,330 small and medium enterprises, rising over 66% of the number of registered enterprises compared to 2012.

With many supportive policies, K-Electronic Co., ltd (Xuan Loi commune, Lap Thach district) specializes in manufacturing electronic components and creates job for above 800 people. Taken by The Hung.

In the period of 2013 - 2017, the province had 3,767 newly established enterprises. Every year, small and medium enterprises contributed 6.44% to the total provincial budget revenue; created job for over 63,000 laborers, accounting for 56% of the total number of employed workers in the province. Thereby speeding up the process of labor restructuring from agriculture and rural areas to industrial and service sectors.

These policies focused on upgrading essential infrastructure, accelerating the reform of administrative procedures, enhancing the quality of human resources, and facilitating the development of enterprises.

In order to create favorable conditions for the development of enterprises, especially small and medium ones, the provincial People's Committee carried out programs to support and remove difficulties for enterprises through organizing many conferences for enterprises, so that they had favorable conditions to meet, discuss and exchange information with the provincial leaders as well as representatives of departments and branches, thereby removing obstacles for enterprises.

In addition, the provincial Fund for Employment provided over VND 21 billion for over 1,000 projects; Development Investment and Credit Guarantee Fund supported for 22 enterprises with a total capital of 60 billion dong and 84 enterprises to borrow nearly 246 billion VND for investment; The Science and Technology Development Fund supported over VND 61 billion for 19 businesses.

Annually, the provincial People's Committee directs the professional agency in coordination with the Vietnam Industry and Trade Center to update information of 3,240 enterprises on Vinh Phuc Trade website; supports to consult for more than 500 organizations and individuals on the order and procedures for establishment of enterprises.

However, according to the provincial People's Committee, at present, financial capacity and the management of most small and medium enterprises in the province are weak; human resource quality is lower than required; competitiveness is not high; investment promotion has not received much attention.

To achieve the goal of developing small and medium enterprises by 2020, the province will have 9,500 small and medium enterprises operating in the economy; every year, this sector will contribute 15-20% of GDP, 10-15% of the total provincial budget revenues; export value shall reach 15-17% of total export turnover of the province; create new jobs for 60-70,000 laborers ...

At all levels, branches and localities are concentrating on deploying and implementing effectively the solutions such as: strengthening the propaganda to raise the awareness of the Party committees about the role of small and medium enterprises and the role of entrepreneurs.

reviewing mechanisms and policies to create a favorable investment environment and business environment; strengthening the State management, building the Party organizations and unions in enterprises; supporting small and medium enterprises to expand the market, innovating the technology and brand; mobilizing investment resources, enhancing training and improving skills for laborers.

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