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Actively exploit revenue sources

Monday, 28/05/2018

According to the Resolution No. 37 of the provincial People's Council, in 2018, Vinh Phuc strives to reach the total budget revenue of 29,640 billion dong, in which, domestic revenue is 26,690 billion dong.

Therefore, right at the beginning of the year, the tax branch has implemented synchronous solutions to exploit revenue sources, focusing strongly on the management of taxpayers, taking enterprises as the center to complete the highest revenue collection tasks.

Viet Duc steel Jsc is one of the enterprises well paying tax for the State

According to the report of the provincial People's Committee, in the first three months of 2018, the province collected nearly 7,000 billion dong, reaching 23.3% of the yearly estimate, rising 2.05% compared to the same period. In particular, domestic revenue is 6,000 billion dong, rising 22.5% compared to the yearly estimate, rising 0.07% compared to the same period. This is a good result affirming the efforts of the tax branch in drastically implementing the collection measures right at the beginning of the year.

Thanks to the drastic measures, in the first 3 months of 2018, the department collected 143 billion dong, reaching 51% of the plan, rising 52% over the same period. In particular, most of the targets exceeded the same period. Specifically, the non-state revenue was 15 billion dong, rising 5% compared to the same period; registration fee was more than 13 billion dong, up 2% over the same period; license fee was nearly 2 billion dong, up 218%; land use fee was 105 billion dong, up 51%.

To complete the task of collecting the State budget in 2018, the provincial tax department requested branches in the province to focus on strictly managing, strengthening the inspection and examination against tax loss, tax evasion, modernization of tax administration associated with reforming administrative procedures.

Together with the solutions of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation, the provincial Taxation Department focuses strongly on the management of taxpayers, taking enterprises as the center to serve people; difficulties of enterprises are solved promptly.

According to the Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Duy Thanh, in the context that the provincial budget revenue is still heavily dependent on Toyota and Honda, it is necessary to find solutions to ensure the economic growth and balance the budget.

As a result, together with strengthening revenue management, the provincial People's Committee strictly controls the public debt and enhances the efficiency of loan utilization, concentrating only on key projects; promotes land auctions of projects to get resources for investment.

Speeds up the compensation, ground clearance, investment in the construction of industrial zones to attract large projects; implements drastically and effectively solutions to improve the business investment environment, creating favorable conditions for the development of enterprises, especially private enterprises and enterprises with investment capital; small and medium enterprises; encourage, promote the spirit of starting a business and creativity of enterprises.

strictly review and control expenditures on the transfer of capital sources, only to carry out the transfer of some essential expenditures according to the provisions of law.

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