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Synchronous investment on completing urban infrastructure

Monday, 28/05/2018

Gradually realizing the goal of turning Vinh Phuc into one of the Central cities, in the past years, along with the development of technical infrastructure, the province has always paid attention to complete urban social infrastructure, including houses and public works (culture, education, sports, trade services, etc.), contributing to stabilize the life of people and attract population development and promote the progress of urbanization.

In order to deploy quickly, effectively the urban infrastructure in general and urban social infrastructure in particular, the province has directed to enhance the quality and efficiency of urban planning, make the capital mobilization mechanism in order to meet the investment tempo and allocate the capital for the infrastructure development according to the annual plan, especially, projects on development of industrial parks and urban centers; strengthened the propaganda to raise the awareness of people, organizations and individuals about the urban construction, development and management; well implemented the population development policies; attached the importance of attracting high-quality human resources for the process of industrialization and modernization; improved the efficiency of the state apparatus in urban management, towards building the urban government; effectively implemented environmental protection and built a clean and strong political system.

In the period of 2012 - 2017, the province has developed 21 housing projects, bringing the total number of housing projects in the province to 62 projects, including housing area, new urban area and functional urban area. The green tree system was invested, contributing to build friendly green spaces in the urban areas such as: Vinh Yen City Park with an area of 17 hectares in Lien Bao ward and Dinh Trung commune (it is expected to start in 2018)... The works on culture, sports and tourism are also concerned and implemented.

Up to now, the whole province has 8/9 districts, towns and cities having cultural and sport centers; over 93% of communes, wards and towns have cultural centers; 15 projects of cultural and sports centers have been invested. Tay Thien and Dai Lai tourism areas continue to be invested to reach national standards; Tam Dao I tourism area was basically completed, Tam Dao II area was started in 2016 and has been actively implemented.

Many projects have been put into operation, contributing to create a new face for Vinh Phuc urban area and improve the effectiveness of attracting tourism development such as Tay Thien cable, FLC Vinh Thinh eco-tourism area, parks... In addition, new tourist areas are being planned such as Sau Vo lake, Ha Village, Van Truc, Dam Rung…

In addition, the system of trade and services has been gradually improved, including markets, trade centers, shopping centers, supermarkets and retail stores... the province has four markets type I, 11 markets type II and 44 markets type III; 7 supermarkets, 2 commercial centers and hundreds of shops in local areas, basically meeting the needs of people.

Promoting the achievements, in the coming time, the province will continue to focus on directing departments, branches and localities to synchronously deploy solutions to develop urban infrastructure; intensify the investment attraction and step by step complete the urban social infrastructure, satisfying people's demands and contributing to soon help Vinh Phuc become one of the Central cities.

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