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Vinh Yen Tax Department: Strive to exceed the target of the state budget

Friday, 25/05/2018

Determining to collect effectively the budget from the first quarter of 2018 and reach the assigned target, Vinh Yen tax branch has implemented comprehensive measures to manage budget collection of each tax type and field, focusing on solutions to exploit, manage revenue sources and prevent budget losses.

In 2017, the State budget revenues in Vinh Yen city reached over 517 billion dong; some revenues and taxes reached and exceeded the target. In particular, some items highly achieved such as personal income tax, land use fee collection, fees and charges ...

In 2018, Vinh Yen Taxation branch was assigned the State budget revenue in the province to reach VND 557 billion. The branch strives to complete and exceed the ordinance of the provincial Tax Department.

In order to carry out the task of collecting the State budget, right from the first quarter of 2018, Vinh Yen Tax branch has developed and implemented the tasks of collecting taxes and assigned specific targets to each professional team; implemented the Government's policies on measures to enhance macroeconomic stability and ensure social security; accelerated the modernization of the tax system, tax administration associated with administrative reform; enhanced discipline, raised the sense of responsibility of cadres and civil servants in performing their official duties and well implementing the anti-corruption program, practicing thrift and combating wastefulness in tax offices.

A number of important solutions have been implemented such as: propagate and support taxpayer, tax declaration, inspection, inspection and management of tax debt; review and intensify the management of taxpayers, firmly grasp geographical areas and closely control revenue sources and etc.

In particular, strengthening anti-loss measures; promptly detecting and handling actions of price transfer, tax evasion, closely managing tax debts.

In addition, the Department accelerates the reform of tax administrative procedures, creates favorable conditions for production and business, supporting the development of enterprises; closely coordinates with the concerned agencies and units in studying, exchanging information and effectively serving the tax administration; continues to implement tax payment, electronic tax refund and electronic invoice application.

Together with many measures to reform tax administrative procedures and efforts of tax officials, in 2018, Vinh Yen Taxation branch strives to exceed the State budget revenue, effectively contributing to the tasks of the socio-economic development of the city.

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