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The aspirations of workers

Thursday, 24/05/2018

Workers (labor force) are the direct production force to create the asset for the society. However, the material and spiritual life of a part of laborers are still difficult. Being taken better care of the salary, bonus, housing ... is the legitimate aspirations of most workers so that they can feel assured of working and dedicating.

Concerning, sharing the heart, legitimate aspirations to help laborers feel assured of working and dedicating.

At the beginning of the summer, the room of Mr. Phan The Anh and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan at Ngo Quyen ward, Vinh Yen city was very hot and suffocating. In 5 years, the rent room with an area of ​​just over 10 m2 is the place where a couple live with two children.

He said that they earned over VND 10 million per month, subtracting the cost of housing rent, tuition fee for two children and living expenses of his family, the remaining amount was just a few million dong. Therefore, the wish of having money to buy land, buy house is too far for them.

At present, the province has more than 60,000 workers, most of who are at industrial parks and clusters; many couples are workers. The majority of workers come from the countryside, so they have to rent house. Due to low and uneven income level, their living conditions are very difficult, many families have to stay temporarily.

Mr. The Anh added that most of the renting house for workers was small, the sanitation was poor, degraded. In the summer, it was hot, in the rainy season, some places were flooded ... the families having little children were more hard. Due to cramped, they were always anxious, not comfortable to work. Therefore, he looked forward to be supported by the company's leaders and the provincial authorities to help low-income workers like him have more spacious and clean accommodation.

For Mrs. Nguyen Minh Phuong, a worker at a garment manufacturing enterprise in Khai Quang industrial park (Vinh Yen City), her work and family are both very important. Mrs. Phuong said that on many days, the company required the continuous overtime from morning until 8 pm. She had to go to work when my children did not wake up and come back when they were sleeping. If my husband came home early, he cooked for children, but sometimes when he was late for picking up his children at school, he had to ask their neighbors to pick up and help their dinner.

At present, the unskilled labor force occupies a relatively large proportion in the enterprises. However, before the trend of the industrial revolution 4.0, the employment problem is a major challenge for the unskilled and low skilled labourers. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, Phu Da Commune (Vinh Tuong), a worker of Vinh Yen Footwear Joint Stock Company said that she wanted the company to create conditions for workers to attend the training courses to raise hands for them to know how to use modern equipments to improve productivity, product quality, meet the increasing requirements of the market.

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, a worker of EXEDY Vietnam Co., Ltd, Khai Quang industrial park (Vinh Yen City) said that working for the company was not only because of the attractive salary but also each employee wants to confirm his role, skill at work. For more than 9 years, with the spirit of creative passion, he has many technical innovations to contribute to improve the productivity, products' quality , benefit the business VND billions / year.

Mr. Manh said that the evaluation, recognition of the business for the laborer having ideas, initiatives, were the motivation for them to constantly learn, create and dedicate. He hoped that businesses and trade unions at all levels would launch many emulation movements, organize the contests on technical innovation for the laborers so that they could exchange, learn, exchange ideas, build the useful improvement schemes. Beside the material benefits, the businesses trusted, created conditions for employees to assert themselves, develop their capacity was also the motivation for labor force to stick with the enterprise.

It can be said that when the heart, legitimate aspirations of employees that are concerned and shared will create confidence and motivation for them to work hard for the development of the enterprise.

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