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Yen Lac: Environmental protection in industrial clusters

Wednesday, 23/05/2018

There are four industrial clusters operating in Yen Lac district. In the past years, besides encouraging and creating favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to develop production and business in industrial clusters, Yen Lac district has paid attention to environmental protection in order to create the sustainable development.

Carpentry manufacturing establishments in Yen Lac town industrial cluster (Yen Lac) use wood dust and paint dust to help to reduce environmental pollution

According to the development planning of industrial clusters in the province up to 2020, oriention to 2030, 9 industrial clusters have been formed in Yen Lac district, including: Te Lo industrial cluster, Yen Dong industrial cluster, Yen Lac town industrial cluster , Dong Van cluster, Minh Phuong cluster, Yen Phuong cluster, Lien Chau cluster, Trung Nguyen cluster, Van Tien cluster, in which, four industrial clusters have been put into operation including Te Lo industrial cluster, Yen Dong industrial cluster, Dong Van cluster, Yen Lac industrial cluster .

In the past years, the development of industrial clusters has contributed significantly to the economic restructuring, speed up the industrial and handicraft development of the district, create jobs for thousands of local workers.

As one of the first enterprises put into operation in Yen Dong Industrial Zone, Ngoc Hoa Agricultural Products Company Limited has completed the first phase and started the operation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Director of Ngoc Hoa Agricultural Products Co., Ltd said: "Established in 2009, the company operates in the field of trading agricultural and forestry products.

At the beginning of 2017, when Yen Dong industrial cluster put into operation, the company registered to lease more than 2,000 m2 of land to build the factory; invest billions of VND to buy more equipments and modern machines. The company completed the construction and put into operation in November of 2017. At present, the company creates job for more than 20 employees with an average income of 4- 6 million per person per month.

Besides Ngoc Hoa Co., Ltd, Yen Dong industrial cluster attracts 44 enterprises, production and business establishments creating jobs for more than 100 employees. Te Lo industrial cluster attracts nearly 350 production and business establishments, creates jobs for more than 1,400 workers. Dong Van and Yen Lac industrial cluster attract hundreds of businesses households to create jobs for thousands of local workers.

Along with promoting investment attraction, production and business development in industrial cluster, in the past years, Yen Lac district has paid special attention to environmental protection for the sustainable development.

Managing 2 industrial clusters including Te Loi and Yen Dong industrial clustér, in the past years, along with encouraging and creating favorable conditions for production and business development of enterprises and establishments, the Management Board of the construction project and development of Yen Lac district has focused on environmental protection in industrial cluster with many solutions.

Mr. Hoang Van Dien, Deputy Director of Yen Lac Construction and Development Board said that, Currently, two industrial clusters, which were managed by this Board, completed the construction of concentrated wastewater treatment plant. In particular, Te Lo industrial cluster was built wastewater treatment plant with a designed capacity of 500 m3 per day and night. Yen Dong industrial cluster also has one waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 300 m3/day.

The Board requests 100% of enterprises, households producing and trading in industrial clusters to sign environmental protection commitments and increase awareness of environmental protection of enterprises in industrial clusters. Many enterprises have invested in modern machinery and equipment for production and business activities, reduce environmental pollution.

In order to further improve the effectiveness of environmental protection in industrial clusters, Yen Lac district has promoted propaganda to enterprises, households and individuals having production and business activities in industrial clusters, so that they can understand the purposes and requirements of environmental protection; cooperated with Trong Hieu Environment and Service Co., Ltd (Vinh Yen) to operate wastewater treatment stations in industrial clusters and build a waste treatment station.

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