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Industrial production value increases more than 10%

Monday, 27/11/2017

According to the report of the provincial People's Committee, in 2017, despite the automobile production drastically decreased, the industrial production in the province still had the good development; the industrial production value (in contrast to 2010 price) estimatedly increased more than 10% compared to in 2016.

The main reason is that electronic components highly increased with the operation of many new enterprises, becoming one of 3 key products of the province having as high as the proportion of automobile production.

2017 is also the first year the motorcycle production increased after many years declined. The output of major industrial products was up compared to in 2016 such as: all kinds of motorcycles up more than 5%; ceramic tiles were estimated to increase to nearly 8.6%; clothes up 2.4%; electronic components were estimated to increase to more than 62%... However, the output of automobiles decreased 20.5% and animal feeds down 5.9%.

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