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Human resource - the key factor to decide the success of enterprises

Friday, 24/11/2017

More than 10 years in Vinh Phuc, Meisei Vietnam Co., Ltd (Khai Quang Industrial Zone - Vinh Yen) has continuously trained and developed human resources, taken care of workers' live in order to create a solid foundation for its sustainable development.

Producing plastic molds for motorcycles, automobiles and electronic components that need high accuracy, the company identifies the quality of human resources as the most important factor. After put into operation, the company has selected human resources from recruitment; organized training programs to improve the capacity, responsibility and working attitude of staffs and laborers; promoted research and technical improvement; sent workers to Japan to study, learn experience, and improve skills.

In the past years, the company has constantly invested, upgraded and renovated modern equipments in the direction of automation. It has a team of engineers, skilled workers who can perform synchronously stages from designing, processing to finishing, polishing the molds, thereby saving maximum materials, reducing the cost of products, contributing to improve labor productivity and product quality.

In addition, the company also set up an independent mold maintenance room to quickly meet the needs of customers with the most perfect service... Thereby, the annual revenue of the company is always over 100 billion dong, creating stable jobs for nearly 100 employees with an average income of VND 8-9 million/person/month.

To promote the company's resources in enhancing productivity, quality and minimizing environmental pollution, ensuring sustainable development, the company has especially interested in measures of management, strictly control all production and business processes; linked the improvement of productivity and quality with the reduction of environmental pollution in each stage, each section and each person in the production line. Thanks to the strict quality management system, Meisei Vietnam has upgraded from ISO 9001: 2000 (2006) to ISO 9001: 2008 (2009).

Along with boosting the production and business, Meisei Vietnam always takes care of the laborers' life by practical activities such as: well implementing the salary and insurance regimes as prescribed; maintaining movements and activities of trade unions and youth unions; implementing appropriate remuneration policies; paying 13nd month salary for all employees; strictly complying with the conditions of labor protection ...

According to Mr. Masataka Sakamoto, General Director of Meisei Vietnam Company, in order to achieve the above results, besides the efforts of leaders, staffs and workers, the company always receives the best attention and support from the local government. Particularly, the provincial leaders are always willing to listen, share and direct departments to timely remove difficulties for businesses.

This is the factor to keep investors in the province. To better meet the needs of partners in the process of economic integration, in the coming time, the company will continue to improve the quality of products, promote the application of information technology, especially concern the comprehensive human resource quality, improve the quality of worker's life and create a safe and comfortable working environment as regulated.

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