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Recruit 400 trainees to Japan

Friday, 14/07/2017

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social affairs said that in July 2017, the Ministry would coordinate with Japan International Human Development Organization (IM Japan) to recruit 400 trainees to practice in Japan and the localities all over the country. This is the implementation of the agreement signed between the Ministry and IM Japan on 2005/10/11 on transferring Vietnamese trainees to technical internship in Japan.

The trainees to Japan under this program will study, work in the receiving company in 3 years, and earn a salary according to the contract signed with the company. The cost of Japanese language training during 4 months preceding the election is paid by IM Japan. They have to pay for Japanese language training for 3 months, the cost of living while attending the pre-service training course and training preceding the election, the fees of medical examination, passports and visas. Besdides these costs, they do not bear any other costs. After completing the internship program in Japan and returning to Vietnam on time, the trainees will be supported Yen 200,000 per year for the startup.

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