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Contributing to ensure the social security

Thursday, 08/06/2017

Over the last years, non-governmental projects and programs operating in the Vinh Phuc have increased in terms of quantity and value of disbursement. Those projects focus mainly on the fields of education, humanitarian aid and community development. PAMWF and KFHI from South Korea are the two long-term non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular, which have many projects and programs in the above fields, contributing significantly to ensure the social security and community development of the province.

KFHI started its operation in Vinh Phuc in 2006; since then, this NGO has carried out many activities on supporting community development, training - vocational training and children development. Its typical activity is the Child Development Project (CDP) aiming to support disadvantaged children in the province to have a better education in primary, secondary and high schools in the communes of Quang Yen, Yen Binh, Kim Xa, Dao Tru and Hop Thinh of the districts: Song Lo, Vinh Tuong, Tam Dao, Tam Duong. The project operates regularly with the form: one Korean family will receive sponsorship for a school-aged child in a provincial family; once a month, the students are directly visited, given gifts (school supplies, books, clothes) by the staffs of the project; annually, the children have the periodic health checked, semi-boarding support (for elementary students), tuition support (for junior high school and high school students), body insurance support. The students can also participate in extracurricular activities, cultural exchanges (along with volunteer groups, Korean students), join festivals ( Children's Day, Mid-Autumn, CDP festival)... The organization supported to build classrooms for Quang Yen Primary School, library for Tu Trung Secondary School, computer classrooms for Lien Son Primary School and Xuan Hoa Primary School, toilet in Quang Yen, Nguyen Trai Secondary School; supported the tables and chairs for students of Quang Yen Secondary School.

Up to now, CDP project has supported over 1,500 pupils from primary schools to high schools in the disadvantaged situation in 4 districts with the total amount of more than USD 1.4 million (over VND 30 billion). From the practical activities, CDP project has brought students disadvantaged areas better studying conditions, contributing to reduce the dropout rate of schools; many students in the project, are studying at universities and colleges, some of them were graduated and found job. It is known that the CDP will be continued in the province in the 2016-2020 period with an aid value of USD 500,000.

PAMWF has operated in Vinh Phuc since 2014 mainly in education, health care and community development. The organization has projects in mountainous areas with the beneficiaries who are really difficult. At present, PAMWF has many supportive projects such as: model of caring for the disable; funding support for Lap Thach district's Hope Center and Sao Mai Sponsorship Center, Tam Duong district; supporting some programs for people at the provincial Social Protection Center; other programs such as scholarship, semi-boarding, visiting, giving gifts ...

The project of funding for the Lap Thach Hope Center was received by PAMWF organization from April 2016. Despite of the new undertaking, the organization has well done its role and responsibility to help poor children in difficult circumstances in Lap Thach and Song Lo district to have conditions on learning and living. At present, the Center is raising 20 children from 10 - 17 years old. Fund for activities of the center, from the cost of meals, tuition fees are funded by PAMWF of VND 600,000 / child / month; along with that, their books, notebooks, clothes are sponsored by the organization. In addition, PAMWF organization regularly presents gifts to children on public holidays, Tet holiday; Many volunteer groups build the amusement parks and repair houses for them.

Not only KFHI and PAMWF have large programs and projects on community development, humanitarian assistance and education in the province but also there are many other organizations operating effectively in this area such as the Project "Synergies - Supporting a network of local organizations to strengthen the capacity of government and community on integrating the environment into the social development agenda" of GRET organization; the project "Vocational training and job placement for the disadvantaged youth" by Maryknoll ...

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